The Girls

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Sister Roxy

Roxy is our younger big sister. She is tall, has long black hair and she always has a smile on her face. She is happy all the time. 
Not like my sister Lola. Sorry, Loli, but you get mad real easy. When Roxy comes up to say hello to mommy, daddy or brother Brandon she yells at Roxy. 
This is sister Lola when she is happy. 
But when Lola gets mad she is not so sweet looking. Mommy Patricia gets mad at Loli and she has to go on time out. Do you ever get time out from your mommy or daddy? 
Here is a picture of Loli mad. 
Doesn't she look funny when she is mad? 
But poor Roxy she was just a little baby when she came home for the first time. Our Brother Brandon got her while he was away at college. Mommy wasn't happy again. See how cute she is.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Sisters, Different, But Family

Our family is very different. We are sisters but we are so different. We are so different but we are the same. How can that be?  We are a family made up of different sisters but we are family and we love each other.

We are so little but our sisters are B I G... We like it that way.
They protect us when we go outside.

Because we are so little there are lots of dangers in our yard. There are birds that we have to stay away from. There is a pool that we must not go into alone. Our sisters are always there making sure we are OK. That is what brothers and sisters do.

We take care of each other because we love each other.

Do they look mean? Ha ha ha, they are not they are really nice.

"The girls" is what mommy Pat calls us. Why? Because we are always together. If one of us, Gigi or Lola, goes out one of the
big sisters follows us. Mommy doesn't even have to ask them to go with us they just get up and follow us.

Meet the girls. The brown and black sister is the oldest. She was here way before the rest of us.

Meet Tator, she is the boss because she is our older sister.

Tator is 12 years old and she is a Lab. I know we are Chihuahuas but we are still sisters. Tator loves us but when she is tired of us playing she will tell us to stop by giving us a deep "woof." And when she does that we just laugh and go away. We don't want big sister to get mad because we love her.  So we stop and go find something else to do.

Next you will meet our other sister, Roxy.
Do you have sisters? Do you take care of them?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Trip

We are traveling along the highway. We love road trips but this one is a little different. Moms is quiet and not singing to the radio like she normally does.
What is wrong, moms? She just looks at me and smiles. I give her some kisses when she pets me because she looks like she needs some love.
I know we will stop soon. We like to stop at a restaurant called Cracker Barrel. We always go in with moms. She hides us in our bag and no one even knows we are there.
Lola loves to hide her face in the car when we travel. She is so silly
Not me, I like to look out and say "hello" to everyone. But don't touch me. If I get scared I yell real loud and people jump back. It is so funny.
But mom gets scared and always says "G i i i G i i. " Then I hide because mommy is not happy with me.

Saturday, February 26, 2011



It is Saturday afternoon and we are running around the the house. We run around the sofa, into the dinning room, down the hall. Lola, you can't catch me.
The phone rings and mom Patricia picks up the phone and start to talk to her sister. She hangs up and them Mommy calls her Sisi a short while later. 
We stop running. I can see that mommy is worried. She is talking fast and mommy never talks fast. She hangs up and tells grand pa that she must leave early in the morning. Grands pa said he will drive. Mommy P said she needs to take us.
Swoop she picks me up and says, "Gigi, we are going on a trip." What is a trip? I look at sister Lola and I could see that she does not know what a trip is either. But it sounds like fun. 
Well we are going to North Carolina. She said we will be going to a city called Charlotte. 
We run to our closet. We have a lot of clothes. We have dresses, t-shirts, sweaters and shoes.
Mom puts our stuff in a brown suitcase. She puts in there some sweaters, and coats because she said it is going to be cold. We don't know what that means. We live in sunny Florida so it gets cold but we don't need a coat. It rains and then we have to use our raincoat.
There is a lot of activity and mom is packing and getting our stuff. together.
Mom says we are going to meet "mama." Mama is my mommy's mom.
So we are off to North Carolina. But first we must get in our car seat. Our mommies think of everything.
Here we come moma.


Now I am home for good with my grands ma and grands pa and sister Gigi. We said goodbye to mommy Chenny. I am sad but sister Gigi always loves me and snuggles with me.
My mommy was sad and gave me lots and lots of kisses. I love her kisses.
I don't want to see my mommy leave, so I turn away. But I can't help kissing and playing with mommy.

I am playing and jumping on my mommy Chenny. Italways makes her laugh

Our kiss goodbye.

XOXOXOX love my mommy

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My New Life


The party is over, the guests have gone and now we are back home. My mommy, Chenny went to another state to live with my new daddy Jonathan. I stayed with my grands ma, grands pa and of course my sister Gigi.
I don't know what to do. Should I sat or should I go? If I go my sister Gigi will be sad and I think I will be sad too. If I stay I know I will be sad because my mommy Chenny is not with me. You see only mommy can give me the best "itchy, scratchy" that is when she scratches my back and I start to stretch out because it feel sooooooo good. No one else can reach that spot. But I guess that is what mom's do. They know how to make their babies feel so good

I am thinking what to do? I love both of them, my mommy and my sister, so much. My grands says I should stay because then I will be alone at mommy's new house while mommy and daddy Jonathan goe to work.
I don't know what to do?
Change is hard but change is good too. Oh no what to do?

Sunday, January 2, 2011


After the everyone left for the chapel and the ceremony had ended the guests followed my mommy Chenny and all of her friends to a beautiful place. This place is in beautiful downtown Orlando. It is called the Ballroom at Church Street. It is a magical place with a beautiful staircase, courtyard and these huge doors and windows.

All the guests arrived to a band playing to mommy and daddy Sush's favorite singer, Sinatra. The guests seemed to have enjoyed it too. Mommy and their friends danced and played all night long. They had cameras following them and taking movies of them. Here let me share with you. Tell me what you think.

After dancing and eating my grands and my mommy saw the cake. Mommy wanted a very big cake and grands agreed. The two of them spent days talking and planning about the perfect cake. It was so important for both of them to come up with their dream cake. They spent months looking and designing the cake with their favorite cake designer, Bake Me A Cake. Until they came up with this beautiful cake. Do you think it is as pretty as I do?
                                              Photo by
Mommy is leaving on a honeymoon and then she will be coming back for just a little bit because she is moving to North Carolina. I will be staying with my sister Gigi and my grandparents.
I will tell you other stories soon.
By all,
xoxo from Gigi & Lola